Changing the Way New Materials are Developed

Inside the Partnership between Solvay and MultiMechanics

Improving efficiency, lowering emissions, and decreasing fuel consumption are global trends that are currently transforming the transportation industries. Lightweighting by replacing metal components with lighter composite materials is one approach to achieving these goals. However, as structural designs have become more complex and demanding, new composite material development has struggled to keep up, slowing the adoption of lightweighting.

The time and cost to a material supplier to develop a new structural aerospace material can take five years and up to $50M, while the cost to the OEM to certify the material can be even higher. These time and cost restraints have resulted in stagnation in new material development to the entire industry. Supplementing this testing with computational analysis is a goal for many, but it is complicated by the unique behavior and challenges presented by composites.

Download our case study to learn how Solvay scientists estimate that the time and cost of developing and certifying new materials could be reduced by 40%!

MultiMechanics is a Partner of Solvay

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