Rupture of fibers
Fiber rupture is one of the most important damage mechanisms in composite materials. Using our software, engineers can realistically simulate the cumulative, progressive nature of this type of damage.
Fiber-resin debonding
The interaction between fiber and resin can make or break a composite. No pun intended. Realistic modeling of fiber-resin debonding is one of the core differentials of our technology. You can literally see it happening.
Complex Microstructures
Creating microstructural FE meshes shouldn't require cumbersome pre-processing. Our software package comes with an automatic generator of microstructures to maintain design flexibility, but eliminate extra work.
Defects & cracks
Every manufactured material has defects (e.g. porosity), which cause stress concentration, leading to micro-cracks, and possibly premature failure. All of that physics can be realistically captured with MultiMech.