We help engineers solve the world's toughest material engineering challenges.

Accurately predict rupture of fibers
Model and simulate fiber-resin debonding
Zoom into complex microstructures
Predict and mitigate defects and cracks

Introducing MultiMech 18.0

Faster, Smarter, More Realistic Composite Analysis
Faster Results
  • MultiMech 18.0 contains a proprietary data compression algorithm that speeds up analysis time by 1,000x. Solve computations that used to take days in HPC systems in minutes, on a laptop.

Powerful Automation
  • Automates the process of reverse engineering. Simply provide MultiMech with a target mechanical response under different scenarios and the software will automatically find the best nominal design.

Native Abaqus Integration
  • Easily convert your Abaqus models to multiscale without learning a new software tool. Analyze where microstructural defects will occur in order to enhance your structural analysis and get more accurate results.