About MultiMechanics

We develop MultiMech, a finite element software platform that helps companies virtually predict failure in advanced materials at an unprecedented level of speed and accuracy. 

MultiMechanics was founded in 2010 and is based in Omaha, Nebraska. One of our first projects was helping the US Army Research Laboratory explore impact applications, and the company has since evolved to specialize in helping material manufacturers and their clients better understand how composites will behave under extreme conditions.

In 2019, MultiMechanics was acquired by Siemens. The company will be integrated into Siemens Digital Industries Software, which will add the ability for customers to create a digital twin of materials by closely integrating materials engineering with part design, performance engineering, and manufacturing through the unique TRUE Multiscale™ technology for a broad range of material-driven applications. 

Recent Awards

JEC Chicago Startup Booster 2019 – Top 10 Finalist

TechConnect World Innovation Conference 2019 – National Innovation Award

The CAMX Award 2018 – Combined Strength Award Finalist

Award for Composites Excellence 2018 – Equipment and Tooling Innovation Award Finalist

Mondial.Tech Startup Award 2018 – Material & Weight Reduction Finalist

TechConnect World Innovation Conference 2018 – National Innovation Award

CAMX xC Startup Award – Top 10 Finalist 2017 & 2018

Digital Engineering – Editor’s Pick of the Week

Hello Tomorrow – Top 7 Startups in New Materials

Pipeline Entrepreneurs – Innovator of the Year Finalist

The Tech Tribune – 10 Best Startups in Omaha

CIO Review – 20 Most Promising Modeling/Simulation Providers

Our Team

Dr. Flavio Souza

President & CTO

Dr. Souza is well-known in the field of computational mechanics for his research and advocacy for the expansion of advanced materials. He has authored and co-authored over 50 technical papers and presentations with over 500 citations. He is a respected reviewer of many peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Souza is responsible for the overall technical direction of MultiMechanics and oversees all aspects of software development and engineering services. Dr. Souza loves spending time with his family.

Christina Kothlow

Marketing Manager

Christina Kothlow oversees all marketing initiatives at MultiMechanics, including branding, digital marketing, and events. She brings six years of experience in technical marketing and specializes in building revenue through integrated marketing campaigns. When Christina is not researching new ways to spread the word about MultiMechanics, she can be found spending time with her dogs or reading a book.

Gilvan Vieira

Software Engineer

Gilvan is responsible for making MultiMech run more quickly. He has expertise in high performance computing, code optimization, and parallel programming. Before joining MultiMechanics, he worked as a Software Performance Engineer at Petrobas and was sponsored by Intel. Gilvan spends his free time hiking, playing guitar, and keeping up with science fiction books.

Hayden Cornwell

Solutions Engineer

Hayden obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. At MultiMechanics, Hayden is responsible for working with customers to solve their engineering problems using MultiMech. In between answering customer questions and performing proof of concepts for MultiMech, Hayden enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding, and brewing beer.

Kedar A. Malusare

Solutions Engineer

Kedar has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has over seven years of experience in the field of finite element modeling. At MultiMechanics, Kedar is responsible for working with customers to understand their engineering problems and solve them using MultiMech. In his free time he can be found watching a movie, reading a book or working on developing his own finite element code.

Kennedy Neves

Application Engineer

Kennedy works across departments to provide support to MultiMechanics customers, improve our software, and develop tutorials. He is currently earning his Masters degree at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. When he is not working, Kennedy enjoys playing video games, 3D architecture, and dabbling in graphic design.

Marcio Reis

Software Engineer

Marcio is responsible for developing the MultiMech Optimizer, which helps our simulations run more smoothly and efficiently. He is an expert in computer science, optimization, and graphs and has over 10 years of experience in software engineering. He received his Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Campinas. In his free time, Marcio enjoys spending time with his daughter, catching up on the latest TV shows, and playing video games.

Nannan Song

Application Engineer

Nannan brings over 10 years of experience in process optimization, mold filling and solidification simulation, and materials processing to MultiMechanics. She obtained her PhD in Material Science and Engineering from the Chinese Academy of Science. At MultiMechanics, Nannan is responsible for providing customer support, developing content for training and marketing, and improving product documentation. She enjoys reading, swimming, and traveling with her husband Shenghua, who is also part of the MultiMechanics team.

Shenghua Wu

Software Engineer

Shenghua brings over ten years of experience in computational mechanics, material processing, and constitutive modeling to the MultiMechanics team. He received his PhD from the University of Porto. He is responsible for improving and adding new capabilities to MultiMech, as well as implementing new integrations with third-party simulation platforms. In his free time, Shenghua enjoys traveling with his wife Nannan, who also works at MultiMechanics.