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MultiMechanics Featured in "Scientific Computing World"

The MultiMech software was featured in the latest issue of Scientific Computing Magazine. The article details MultiMech's ability to predict the likelihood of crack formation depending on the percentage of voids within an ice structure.

This advanced modeling approach can have huge effects on the ability of offshore oil and gas companies to properly protect their rigs from the elements.

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The article also talks about how our Multiscale approach can save companies time and money on their simulations.

A model with 638,000 degrees of freedom, and even without including crack initiation or propagation, still requires a computational effort of approximately 14 hours for 200 solution steps on a 16 core, 2.6 GHz workstation.

The same experiment was modeled with a multi-scale approach, where global and local finite element models were coupled and analysed simultaneously, while crack initiation and propagation was modeled at the micro-scale level. Castro said: ‘This multi-scale simulation had better results, and a total of two million degrees of freedom, yet it took only 18 minutes to run using MultiMech on the same machine. Since the modelling time was reduced significantly, future studies will be able to look into even more complex models and structures.


Created Jan. 19, 2015, 11:30 a.m.
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