What is MultiMechanics?

MultiMechanics is a software company filled with experts in the fields materials science, continuum mechanics, and software engineering. We focus exclusively on building cutting edge tools for the analysis of advanced and heterogeneous materials
This is done through the realistic modeling and analysis of of material microstructures, paired with sophisticated methods for capturing non-linearity and damage.
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MultiMech automatically generates a wide range of microstructures and performs virtual testing on those microstructures in a matter of seconds!

Using these accurate models of your material microstructure, MultiMech allows engineers to perform a TRUE Multiscale analysis to see how the behavior of the material microstructure affects a part's overall performance.

TRUE Multiscale™ Technology

As engineering applications require more and more complex structures that can last longer with minimal maintenance cost, advanced materials that meet these requirements have to be developed. These materials are most often heterogeneous materials, i.e. they have more than one pure constituent, e.g., fiber-reinforced polymers and plastics. While the heterogeneity may introduce difficulties in the engineering design, it often brings advantages in performance of the material (See more at What is Multiscale?).

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Our software lets you accurately model variance at the micro scale. Hover Over Image to See.

MultiMechanics provides Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) solutions to help companies optimize the design and manufacturing process of innovative products. MultiMechanics' state-of-the-art multiscale Virtual Manufacturing, Testing and Optimization proprietary technologies help to solve two major problems that cause great loss in revenue for most innovative manufacturing industries 1) product failure prior to the end of the designed product life-cycle and 2) trial-and-error product development. Our core technologies help clients to accurately and cost-efficiently relate microstructural design and manufacturing parameters to overall structural performance and service-life.

Our Products

Our flagship product in this endeavor is MultiMech. MultiMech's advantage lies in its TRUE Multiscale™ technology, which extends the flexibility and robustness of finite element analysis to the microstructural level.

MultiMech is the only solver on the market that efficiently and simultaneously links the finite-element global scale structure to finite-element local scale RVEs, thus giving users extremely accurate results and unmatched level of understanding of their material behavior.

With this solution, engineers can accurately and cost-efficiently relate microstructural design and manufacturing parameters to overall structural performance and service-life of their part. Engineers can see how loads applied at the part level can affect their microstructures, especially damage initiation and propagation.

MultiMech is a complete software package for Multiscale FEA of Composite Structures that provides engineers with maximum accuracy and flexibility. It includes:

  1. Two-way coupled implicit/explicit Finite Element solver,
  2. Automatic Microstructural FE model generator,
  3. Graphical User Interface to let users easily “multiscale” their standard FE models.
  4. Robust Pre and Post Processor capabilities

Using this technology Engineers can model the effect of individual microscale constituents, their interactions, volume fractions, spatial distribution and orientation, fracture toughness, among other factors. MultiMech also employs an advanced crack algorithm that allows for accurate damage modeling, including multiscale transition of micro-cracks into macrocracks.

Additional features include one-click Virtual Material Testing capabilities, additive manufacturing (3D printing) simulation, and integration with injection molding orientation data. See our Brochure for additional details.

Company Overview

MultiMechanics was founded in 2010 in Omaha,NE. The company’s state-of-the-art two-way coupled multiscale technology was developed in response to the increasing use of advanced fiber-reinforced composites mainly in automotive, aerospace and military applications. Despite the existence of basic design methods, industry quickly realized they needed more advanced tools that could account for microstructural design variables in a physically reasonable manner — the two-way coupled multiscale computational approach. Because many other materials used in engineering are also inherently heterogeneous and their mechanical and fracture behavior are fundamentally governed by their microstructure, e.g., concrete, structural metals, transparent armor, our multiscale technology quickly found a huge range of applications.

MultiMechanics has also developed state-of-the-art coupled thermo-chemo-mechanical tools to model layered 3D-printing and viscoelastic cement concrete at early ages.

MultiMechanics is focused on developing highly-advanced computational tools to solve highly complex engineering problems faced by our clients, helping them to optimize the design and manufacturing process of innovative products in more reliable, affordable, competitive, and profitable manners.

Whether your goals are to come up with the newest, strongest, lightest material ever; to accurately predict failure in your composite structure; or just trying to gain insight about what the best material for the job should look like: MultiMechanics can help you.

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Variables we account for

Composite Types

  • Woven
  • Continuous
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  • Particulates

Fiber Variability

  • Fiber Volume Fraction
  • Orientation
  • Length

Fiber and Matrix Properties

Injection Molding Orientation and Intensity


  • Fiber breaks
  • Matrix cracking
  • Fiber-Matrix Deboning
  • Delamination

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