Accurately Predict Composite Material Behavior

MultiMech for Abaqus™ is the first software ever to allow a TRUE Multiscale™ analysis to be performed entirely within Abaqus CAE.

This means that you can take advantage of the unparalleled accuracy of MultiMech without adjusting your current modeling and analysis workflow.

Further, you can add a realistic MultiMech Material to your existing Abaqus models as quickly as you could fill out an Abaqus material card!

Microstructure Generation

Generate Complex Composite Microstructures in a matter of seconds. Take into account variations in geometry, strength, and orientation.

Realistic Damage Mechanisms

Rather than use curve fitting to model a composite's non-linear behavior, Multimech develops sophisticated damage mechanisms to capture the physics of how constituents interact and fail.

Fully Parallelized Multiscale

MultiMech's one-of-a-kind Microstructural FE solvers are embedded and fully parallelized within Abaqus, a truly breakthrough approach.

Powerful Post Procesing

See where and why damage initiates within your material microstructure. No other tool offers this level of insight and visibility into a material's behavior

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Eliminate Guessing and Costly Over-Engineering

Using our realistic modeling tools and breakthrough computational techniques, engineers can stop wasting time destructively testing parts and spend more time innovating.

By using MultiMech, design engineers can eliminate physical testing by up to 80%

Implicit Structural Analysis

MultiMech for Abaqus supports implicit mechanical analysis of ALL types of heterogeneous materials.

Account for Manufacturing Process

MultiMech integrates with all major tools that predict manufacturing-induced variation within composite parts, like Moldflow©, Moldex©, FiberGraphiX©, etc.

Access Comprehensive Virtual Test Data

MultiMech outputs detailed data on your part and material response, down to the lowest details like the strain in an individual fiber.

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