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What is MultiMechanics?

What we do

We develop MultiMech, a state-of-the-art multiscale finite element software package that helps companies using advanced materials greatly reduce physical prototyping and testing.

Questions we help answer

How will my composite structure fail?
What is the root cause of its failure?
How can I improve my design?


Our unique TRUE Multiscale™ technology extends all the benefits of Finite Element Modeling down to the microstructural level, and strongly couples the macro and micro mechanical response.

What is MultiMech?

(and how can it help me with my composite design)

What can you do with MultiMech

Test Different Materials

Virtually create and test composites with multiple types of reinforcement, including woven, braided, particulate, as well as continuum and chopped fibers. Use our automated process for generation, meshing, and analysis of microstructural models, with full control over microstructural design variables.

Predict Composite Failure

Accurately predict structural failure based on microstructural design variables, such as fiber orientation and volume fraction. Model multiple damage mechanisms simultaneously, such as resin cracking, fiber breaking, fiber-resin deboning, and ply delamination.

Capture Manufacturing Induced Variation

See how changes and defects in the manufacturing process can effect the behavior of your composite part. Because issues always start small, MultiMech lets you zoom into the material microstructure to find out where, when and why damage initiates

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MultiMech For Abaqus™: A revolutionary way to model composite parts!

by MultiMech

"MultiMech is the first analysis software to embed a 3D, nonlinear, fully parallelized Finite Element solver into the framework of an existing FEA platform! "

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